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    1. Help and Advice about Fruit Trees

      How to choose fruit trees

      1. Photos of our fruit trees as supplied from the nursery
      2. How to choose and buy the best apple trees for your garden
      3. Bare-root or Pot-grown fruit trees?
      4. Fruit tree sizes and forms
      5. Fruit tree rootstocks and tree sizes
      6. Apple varieties similar to those you find in supermarkets
      7. Our recommendations

      Planting and Growing

      1. Start here - guide to planting fruit trees
      2. How to support a newly-planted fruit tree
      3. How to plant apple trees and other fruit trees
      4. Pruning a newly-planted fruit tree
      5. Watering your fruit trees
      6. Pollination of apple trees and other fruit trees
      7. Best time for planting fruit trees
      8. Fruit tree planting accessories
      9. Fruit tree spacing and planting distances
      10. Growing fruit trees in pots and containers
      11. Fruit tree problems and diseases

      Fruit Tree Advice

      1. Allotment fruit trees
      2. Ballerina?, Minarette?, and Cordon fruit trees
      3. Find the position of the sun in your garden
      4. Fruit trees and Honey Fungus
      5. Growing apple trees and other fruit trees in the UK climate
      6. Hazelnuts - pollination
      7. Hazelnuts and Cobnuts - how to plant and grow them
      8. Heeling-in fruit trees
      9. Hosepipe bans - how to help your Fruit Trees
      10. How long before my fruit tree will start to produce fruit?
      11. Introduction to Fruit Tree Rootstocks
      12. Mychorrizal fungi for planting fruit trees
      13. Own-root fruit trees
      14. Picking times for apples and other fruit trees
      15. Pollination of Bramley apple trees
      16. Pruning fruit trees
      17. Storing and keeping apples
      18. Storing fruit trees for Christmas presents
      19. Temporary or Permanent Tree Stakes
      20. Training fruit trees as fans and espaliers
      21. Triploid apple varieties
      22. Why won't my apple tree produce any apples?
      23. Windbreaks for orchards
      24. Picking times
      25. Customer questions and answers

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