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    1. Fruit tree height estimator

      The mature height and size of a fruit tree is determined mainly by the rootstock. However the natural vigour of the chosen variety (the scion vigour), the quality of the soil, and the local climate all have a significant effect. The fruit tree height estimator on this page uses a formula to relate all these factors - not just the rootstock - to predict the mature height of your fruit tree.

      Please note this tool is experimental and may not be accurate.

      How big will my fruit tree grow?

      Enter your local soil and climate details below, along with the rootstock and vigour of the fruit tree variety you want to grow.

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      Soil quality
      Annual rainfall
      Growing season
      Variety vigour


      Factors affecting the mature height of a fruit tree

      For a detailed explanation of the factors used in this calculator, see our article on the mature height and size of fruit trees.


      The formula for the tree height calculator was developed by N.Buck. Use this calculator at your own risk, the results are experimental. We do not accept responsibility for errors or adverse occurrences related to the use of this calculator. We may also update the calculations from time to time. We very much welcome feedback on the accuracy of this calculator compared to your own observations.